Oral Cancer Screening Oakmont

Oakmont Dr. Rice Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer remains highly under-diagnosed and under-treated in the United States and around the world. Usually oral cancer is discovered after it has advanced to stage 3 or 4, which sadly results in 57% of oral cancer patients dying within 5 years. Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice works hard to reverse this trend by carefully and thoroughly screening dental patients for oral cancer. At Oakmont General & Implant Dentistry, we hope to detect oral cancer in its early, more treatable stages.

Visual exams often miss oral cancer when it is in its early stages and the most curable. Early-stage oral cancer can have no obvious discoloration, making it difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. For this reason, Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice has invested in a special oral cancer-detecting light that helps detect oral cancer in its early stages. The diagram below explains oral cancer in greater detail.

When we find oral cancer in Stage I and II, it is highly curable.

Stage I: The surface looks normal. This is called mild dysplasia.

Stage II: The surface still looks normal. This is called moderate dysplasia.

Stage III: Shows abnormal surface tissue. We might be able to see this visually if we look very carefully. This is called severe dysplasia.

Stage IV: Shows abnormal surface tissue. This can be seen easily but has a high mortality rate. This is called carcinoma-in-situ.

Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice uses a painless, non-invasive oral cancer-detecting light called VELscope to illuminate oral cancer in its early stages. At Oakmont General & Implant Dentistry, we try to find abnormal lesions before they progress to later stage oral cancer.

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