Oral Surgery Oakmont

Oakmont Dr. Lara Rice

Oral surgery encompasses dental surgery of the teeth, jaws, mouth, and even the face and neck for complex procedures. For most cases, including at Oakmont General & Implant Dentistry, oral surgery focuses on extracting problematic teeth or placing dental implants. Our Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice will determine if your oral surgery case can be addressed at our Oakmont Dental Practice (such as removing teeth), or must be treated by oral surgeons at a hospital or surgery center (such as cancerous bone removal).

Tooth Extraction Oakmont

You may need a tooth extraction for several reasons, and Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice will thoroughly explain all scenarios and tooth extraction options to you. Sometimes a tooth becomes severely decayed and cannot be saved with a root canal or dental crown. At your tooth extraction appointment, Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice will gently numb your tooth and surrounding gums and jaw bone. If your tooth is firmly anchored into the bone, your Oakmont dentist may cut the tooth into sections and carefully remove it piece by piece. Normally your tooth can be extracted at Oakmont General & Implant Dentistry in as a whole unit. In this case, you will pressure as the tooth is rocked to widen the socket. Don’t worry; you shouldn’t any feel pain, because experienced Oakmont dentist Dr. Lara Rice uses local anesthetic to completely numb the surrounding nerves and block the transference of pain.

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